Welcome to potgoo.se

[!! Under Construction - Hard Hat Area !!]

Hey! Welcome to my little corner of the Web! I'm a massive fan of Web 1.0 (muh nostalgia) and simple, clean websites, so this site is pretty much all that.

This site is currently part of a pretty big project of mine, that being Webgoose, a static site generator that will eventually be used to build this site. Currently, Webgoose is non-functional but soon, soon I promise I'll have it working... I just need a few more months....

Who Am I?

I'm Travis (otherwise known as 'Jeff'), a Software Engineering Student! I'm into software design and development; trains, buses, and all public transport stuffs; audio hardware (mostly headphones), bikes (commuting, touring, maintenance, etc); and just building random stuff!

Once I've got my static site generator going, I aim to dump a bunch of info here related to my interests.

Contacting Me

You're welcome to contact me using the email address in the box below. I don't use any social media platforms other than Discord (not by choice!!), so email is the best way to go for me.

The garbled text in the box below is my email address encoded to Base64, the rest of the string is the Bash Script to decode it. If you're not running a Linux System, copy the garbled text and paste it into an online Base64 Decoder.

This extra step is to prevent my email being sniffed by bots and the like.. sorry!!

echo c29jaWFsQHdlYmdvb3NlLm5ldA== | base64 --decode