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A Warm Welcome to PotGoo.se!

A Goose in a Pot. A PotGoose, if you will

Hey! Welcome to my little corner of the web! A dumping ground for all of my interests and such.

I'm Travis, a CompSci student and proud owner of about 17.48 billion nicknames. I hope you like Comic Sans (or rather Comic Neue) because I use it everywhere!

At present, this site is awaiting the completion of Webgoose, my little baby Static Site Generator Framework. I've created a second site to document its development.

Until then, I'm just gonna dump everything on this homepage :3



This is by no means an exhaustative list - simply just the bigger hobbies of mine.


I enjoy the process of designing and iterating on software solutions, though I do find I burn myself out quite often by spending far, far too much time on it.

My current language best-friend is Python, though I yearn for strict typing... and Typescript interfaces...

Train & Bus Spotting et plus

Scotrail 380012 in Platform 15 at Glasgow Central Station

I've always loved buses and trains; the sounds especially.

Below I've compiled a shortlist of my favourite types in descending order.


  • Class 373 Eurostars
  • Class 365 Networkers (RIP)
  • Class 43 Intercity 125s (With Paxman Valenta powerplants)
  • Class 158 Super-Sprinters
  • Class 68 (Very Loud)
  • Class 334 Junipers (Ya Booey Scotrail! 3-by-2 seating)
  • Class 380 Desiros (THE defacto electric multiple unit)
  • Class 170 Turbostars (THE defacto diesel multiple unit)
  • Class 385 AT200s (if little boring)
  • Class 205 'Thumpers'


Cardinal Buses TA950 Dennis Trident ALX400
Source: Frozzles on Youtube
  • Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 (SEX! SEX!!!)
  • Volvo B10M Alexander PS
  • ADL Enviro400 (~2005-2009)
  • ADL Enviro400 Topodyn (London Units, ~2012 reg)
  • Volvo B8R MCV eVoRa
  • Volvo B9TL Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2

Field Recording

This is mostly an extension of train & bus-spotting and my love of everyday, underappreciated sounds. Unfortunately, my phone's microphones (Pixel 2) don't quite cut it, so I've had to purchase a "proper" solution

With my recent aquisition of a Tascam DR-07MKII, I plan to record train traction motors, bus engines, and other associated sounds like buzzers, bells, door chimes, ticket machines, etc.

Enjoy this initial test recording of my microwave.

Jeff-ing Around

The Crossing at Crammond Island, Edinburgh

I describe "Jeff-ing Around" as just seeking out interesting things in everyday places.

For me this tends to include Grafitti and Street Art, Public Installations and Architecture, Unusual Views, Abandoned/Poorly Maintained stuff and things like that.

I'm not a backpacker or anything, but I like getting out and just exploring what's around.

Music & Audio Equipment

I make passionate love to my Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pros everyday while blasting 'Deftones - This Place Is Death' like the emo girlie I am :3

Music and sound are a huge part of my life. My music library may not be big, but that certainly doesn't hamper my enthusiasm. I'm a huge fan of interesting sound progressions and, with vocals, place more importance on vocalisation rather than the vocals themselves.

I've always quite enjoyed how different pieces of audio equipment colour the sound in their own way. Headphones are very good for this. I tend to be a fan of a brighter sound signature, though I enjoy faithful representations of the full range of sound.

Bicycles and Bicycle Maintenance

JeffBike2 parked aboard a Scotrail Class 158 Super-Sprinter

I love the feeling of building and maintaining something that you can actually use. For this, bicycles are perfect. With a couple of tools, some grit and patience, you can have a perfectly serviceable ride to work/wherever else.

My current bike, the JeffBike 2, is a 3x9spd, fully rigid custom build based on a 2002 Specialised Rockhopper A1FS. It's predecessor, a heavily modified 1998 Scott Rockwood (in bright, spanking yellow), was retired due to cracks forming in the siezed seatpost. RIP JeffBike 1, 1998-2023.

I plan to try bikepacking later in the year, once it warms up, which I'll likely document on here.


I have a lot of them. So, here's a comprehensive list ordered most-to-least common (roughly)

  1. Jeff
    (variations: Jef, Jer)
    Many think this is my actual name

  2. Trav

  3. Sideshow Bob
    (variations: Sideshow)

  4. Ice Spice
    Big fan of this one

  5. T-Money

  6. T-Unit

  7. T-Dog
    (variations: Travdog)

  8. T-Man

  9. Carrot Top

  10. Travbob

  11. Femboy
    (variations: Twitter User)

  12. Boykisser

  13. Weeb
    I don't even watch anime... (except Lucky Star :3)

  14. Tarvis
    (variations: Tarvisey)

  15. 'That guy who plays for Chelsea'
    (variations: David Luiz)

  16. Mick Hucknall

  17. Bluey

  18. Ranga

  19. Twavy
    (variations: Twav)

  20. Gose Whisperer
    (variations: Goose Whisperer)

  21. Mr President [defunct]

  22. Curly Fry [defunct]

  23. Tardis [defunct]

  24. Travilicious
    Nah.. not a fan

  25. Trevor

  26. Spongebob
    No words...

  27. Jesus
    I don't even know.. but it's happened twice

  28. T-cock
    (variations: t-cawk)
    My favourite, yet least used. Why live..?

Contacting Me

You're welcome to contact me by email at the address below.

In order to prevent unwanted, automated spam, I've encoded my email address below to Base64. Simply decode it and you'll have my address :)

My Email Address

Not Sure? Here's a link to an Online Base64 Decoder. Just copy and paste in the garbled text and hit decode!

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